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November 2018
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Over 1,000 New Transit Tokens Listed

It has been a year since Fantastic Prices had a bunch of new tokens added. It’s about time. There are over 1000 new items listed and some are quite rare. Take your time and look through them all.

I want to thank Keith for taking the time to help fix some issues with the site. Thank you very much. It is truly appreciated. What is better, Keith’s wife is making me some Beef Jerky when I see them in a few weeks.

For those who love transit token collecting, the American Vecturist Association convention is coming up in the middle of August. There will be 6 – 10 people selling only transportation tokens. There will be a live auction of a couple hundred rarer transporation tokens. Join the AVA and get in on the fun. This year we are in Georgia.

200 New transits added

I have added about 200 transit tokens. A few are extremely rare. There should be another 100 added in the next couple of weeks. Any questions about a token, please feel free to email me by clicking on my picture or at

Also note that I have a complete set of OPAs, both red and blue available on the OPA page.

600 New Transit Tokens Added Today.

I have added about 600 New Items to the Transportation Token Pages of the web site. More than have of these are harder to find tokens. I am considering adding a section for Foreign Transit Tokens. If you would like a section of these, please let me know. My email is

I have added quite a few items to the OPAs

This includes about 2 dozen errors and some new bulk deals. For those that are interested in a complete set of OPAs, please contact me. I have a framed complete set of red including the MV for $300.00ppd. I have a framed set of blue and red including the MV for $350.00ppd. The OPA collection that I acquired had books on OPAs; lots of assorted OPA stamps; a wide variety of OPA Holders, and more. Once again, feel free to email me at

Finally, 800 New TTs and more.

I have added about 800 New Items to the Transportation Token Pages of the web site. There are also a lot of new items added to Gaming Tokens and Peep Show Tokens. There are also a couple of package deals in OPAs.