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April 2014
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Finally, 800 New TTs and more.

I have added about 800 New Items to the Transportation Token Pages of the web site. There are also a lot of new items added to Gaming Tokens and Peep Show Tokens. There are also a couple of package deals in OPAs.

500 More Transit Tokens

Happy New Year! I just added about 500 Transit Tokens. They are easy to recognize because the “NEW” spinner picture is placed twice in front of each added today. Hopefully there are some new items you can use.

I had a friend tell me they were having a tough time opening the web page. My guru states the problem is fixed. If you are having any issue at all, please let me know.

Once again, happy New Year!

Over 1000 New Transit Tokens Added

Just in time for the holidays. Over 1000 new transit tokens have been added.

Also added have been lots of tokens for those collect other items besides transit tokens.

Finally, I have a tremendous amount of duplicate tokens. If you need bulk tokens for traders, resale, jewelry or to look for varieties; please email me at

Happy New Year everybody.

New Transits And New Look To Site

600 New Transit Tokens were added today. I have also changed the look of the web site so you can tell the city and state a little easier. Feel free to let me know if you like it. Email is

Thanks to everybody for a great 2011. Happy New Year!

The Rest Of The Story

The remaining states have been uploaded. Probably close to 1000 tokens. This includes Canada, PR, Guam, Club Tours, Fantasy, Unidentified, Timetables and more. The price range of these is from 15c to $600.00. Happy Collecting.


The US Transit Tokens from the Chris O’Connor collection is almost completely organized. I have listed all of them through Pennsylvania. The rest will be added by the end of the week for a total of about 2500 new tokens. Most are unique and the first order gets them. Since this collection was acquired, I have purchased 4 different collections. Joel Reznick bought one of them from me. The rest will probably not be organized until after the AVA convention. They are not as big as Chris’s collection.
If you are not a member of the AVA and would be interested in auctions of US or Foreign Transit token auctions, please let me know. You can email by clicking on my picture.
Chris had a tremendous collection of personals. I will start organizing the after the convention. If you are interested in personals, let me know which ones you need.
If your interest in OPAs, transit tokens or casino chips has dropped and you are thinking about selling your collection, please let me know. I will make a fair offer and in most cases, the highest offer you will get. How else do I acquire this many collections?
By the way, if you are not a member of the AVA, why not join. More than 500 members and a lot of great people. Happy collecting!

Better Transit Tokens Added

The AVA Convention was a lot of fun and ended on August 15. I left the convention for a 3 week business trip and just returned. As promised, all the new transit tokens acquired are being added now.

If you are not a member of the AVA, the convention is a great reason to become a member. Over 50 people buying, selling, trading and auctioning transit tokens. WOW! What a great time. We also went on a boat ride, shopping and eating a lot of food. Next year will be in Salt Lake City. I hope to see everybody there.

Lots Of New Transit Tokens Added Today

There are expensive and common tokens added today. Three double boxes of 2x2s. Most of these are one of a kind so please order by email and I will constantly be updating the web site. Included in this group are the New Issue Service tokens over the past 10 years and the collection of an AVA member that recently passed away. Happy collecting everybody.

2200+ Transportation Tokens Added Today!

There are new transportation tokens for everybody. There are additions in every state, Puerto Rico, Phillipines, Virgin Islands, Canada and more.  There are a lot of items that I have never seen before. Price range is from 15c to $100 and more. Happy collecting!

Gaming Tokens & Chips

I have reworked the page and it shlould be much easier to navigate. Please feel free to email me with any ideas or thoughts on how to improve it. The page is located at: GAMING TOKENS